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Nouvelles fraiches !

Bonjour à Toutes et à Tous !

Souvent la psychologie est réduite à une forme de psychologie du bonheur. Force est de constater qu'elle couvre des thématiques bien plus larges. Pour justifier mes propos, voici ci-dessous la dernière newsletter de l'IPPA. L'intérêt est également pour vous, lecteurs, d'y trouver des informations toutes chaudes concernant l'actualité du champ, et notamment les six sections qui viennent d'être crées. Vous y trouverez la démarche requise pour l'inscrire à l'IPPA, ainsi que les dates du prochain congrès mondial. Je vous souhaite une bonne lecture et vous dis à bientôt !

Welcome to Issue 2 of our 2012 IPPA newsletter series!

This issue marks a very important milestone in the evolution of our organization, as today we are officially launching our first professional divisions
to complement our existing student division, SIPPA.

We also are excited to introduce a new spotlight section on research and application of positive psychology in a particular professional domain.  We honed our attention in on some of the great work being done in positive psychology and education for this first issue, with original articles on theory, research, and practice.

Of course this issue also brings you the latest news and updates from the association, including
announcements about the 3rd World Congress on Positive Psychology, the Positive Psychology Leader Series, a new IPPA team member, and more.

Finally, we take a moment this month to acknowledge the passing of a pioneering researcher in our field, Professor Alice Isen.

You can read the full contents of the newsletter on our website here, or click any of the links in this email to begin with a specific article. 

How to Join Divisions
As you will read about in more detail in Executive Director James Pawelski's column, membership opens today in our six new professional divisions:
  • Basic Research
  • Clinical
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Health
  • Organizations 
As an IPPA member, we invite you to sign up for the division that best matches your professional interest.  (Or, if your work spans multiple domains, you may sign up for multiple divisions.)  You can read the full details about this exciting evolution in our organizational structure here.

Then, when you are ready to sign up for the division of your choice, please visit your member profile on our website to update your preferences.  Note that you will need to log on to the website to update your account - a reminder about how to do so appears below.

Website Access

After following the links in this email, you will need to log into your IPPA account on our website to continue reading this members-only newsletter.  For easy reference, your username appears below.

Charles Martin-Krumm

For security reasons, we cannot list your password in this email.  If you don't remember your password, no problem.  Click here to have instructions sent to you by email.  If you need any further assistance, please email us
IPPA Newsletter
Volume 5, Issue 2, May 2012
In This Issue

by Robert J. Vallerand
IPPA Divisions
by James O. Pawelski 

by Scott Huebner
 by Lea Waters, Adam Barsky, & Michelle McQuaid

The Journal of Positive Psychology 

by Toni Noble & Helen McGrath


by Michele Tugade & Barbara Fredrickson

John Coffey

International Positive Psychology Association
19 Mantua Road
Mt. Royal, New Jersey 08061

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